A moment-vector approach to interoperable analysis

TitleA moment-vector approach to interoperable analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsTaber, A., Kumar G., Freytag M., & Shapiro V.
Published inComputer-Aided Design
Date Published09/2018

We propose a moment-vector based approach to interoperable analysis that takes advantage of representation-specific optimizations while retaining broad applicability. The major bottleneck of interoperable analysis is volume integration, and moments provide an informationally complete means to ensure accurate integration of a large class of integrands. Moments can be computed directly and in parallel from a diverse set of geometric representations and have simple compositional properties. We demonstrate our moment-based analysis pipeline by analyzing a boundary mesh representation with defects, G-code representation of a 3D printed part, a procedural skeleton representation, and an image stack representation of a bone obtained from a CT scan.