Evaluation of Resource Sharing Benefits

TitleEvaluation of Resource Sharing Benefits
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsGupta, A., Howe W., Moran M., & Nguyen Q.
Other Numbers921

Current approaches to supporting real-time communication allocate network resources either to individual connections, or to aggregates of connections, based on type of traffic, protocol, or performance requirements. The first approach provides well-defined performance guarantees that are independent of other network traffic. The second approach may achieve higher utilization of network resources, but the expected performance is less well-defined since it is dependent on the behavior of unrelated (possibly unknown) connections. We previously presented resource sharing, a new approach that exploits known relationships between related connections to allow network resources to be shared without sacrificing well-defined guarantees. Resource sharing is very important for large conferences with a bounded number of concurrent speakers, resource requirements do not increase with the number of potential speakers. In this paper, we evaluate resource sharing benefits by analysis and by simulation. Results show that resource sharing leads to a large gain in the connection acceptance rate, and a significant reduction in the computational overhead associated with admission control.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-94-051

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A. Gupta, W. Howe, M. Moran, and Q. Nguyen

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Technical Report