Channel Groups: A Unifying Abstraction for Specifying Inter-stream Relationships

TitleChannel Groups: A Unifying Abstraction for Specifying Inter-stream Relationships
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsGupta, A., & Moran M.
Other Numbers803

A single distributed application typically requires setting up a number of real-time connections, or channels. Current schemes usually assume that different channels are independent, when in reality, important relationships often exist between them. We introduce a new abstraction called channel groups that allows network clients to describe these relationships explicitly to the network service provider. For example, by describing sharing relationships between channels, the network client enables the network to share resource allocations among related channels-lowering the cost and improving the scalability of communication. In addition, specification of other relationships, such as inter-stream synchronization, disjoint-path routing, relative dropping priorities, and simultaneous establishment provide a richer, more efficient service. Channel groups provide a unifying abstraction and an easily-extensible interface for specifying these and other relationships. This report presents a general description of the channel group abstraction and demonstrates its usefulness in describing several types of inter-stream relationships.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-93-015

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A. Gupta and M. Moran

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Technical Report