Design of a Continuous Media Data Transport Service and Protocol

TitleDesign of a Continuous Media Data Transport Service and Protocol
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsMoran, M., & Wolfinger B.
Other Numbers724

Applications with real-time data transport requirements fall into two categories: those which require transmission of data units at regular intervals, which we call continuous media (CM) clients, e.g. video conferencing, voice communication, high-quality digital sound; and those which generate data for transmission at relatively arbitrary times, which we call real-time message-oriented clients. Because CM clients are better able to characterize their future behavior than message-oriented clients, a data transport service dedicated for CM clients can use this a priori knowledge to more accurately predict their future resource demands. Therefore, a separate transport service can potentially provide a more cost-effective service along with additional functionality to support CM clients. The design of such a data transport service for CM clients and its underlying protocol (within the BLANCA gigabit testbed project) will be presented in this document. This service provides unreliable, in-sequence transfer (simplex, periodic) of so-called stream data units (STDUs) between a sending and a receiving client, with performance guarantees on loss, delay, and throughput.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-92-019

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M. Moran and B. Wolfinger

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Technical Report