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Conference Paper
Zhu, Q., Chen B. Y., Morgan N., & Stolcke A. (2004).  On Using MLP Features in LVCSR. Proceedings of International Conference on Spoken Language Processing.
Zhu, Q., Stolcke A., Chen B. Y., & Morgan N. (2005).  Using MLP Features in SRI's Conversational Speech Recognition System. Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology (Interspeech 2005-Eurospeech 2005). 2141-2144.
Ravuri, S., & Morgan N. (2010).  Using Spectro-Temporal Features to Improve AFE Feature Extraction for ASR. 1181-1184.
Faria, A., & Morgan N. (2008).  When a Mismatch Can Be Good: Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition Trained with Idealized Tandem Features. 1574-1577.
Mirghafori, N., Fosler-Lussier E., & Morgan N. (1995).  Why Is ASR Harder For Fast Speech And What Can We Do About It?. IEEE Snowbird Workshop '95.
Journal Article
Cole, R., Hirschman L., Atlas L., Beckman M., Biermann A., Bush M., et al. (1995).  The Challenge of Spoken Language Systems: Research Directions for the Nineties. IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing. 3(1), 1-21.
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Morgan, N., & Bourlard H. (1992).  Factoring Networks by a Statistical Method. Neural Computation. 835-838.
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