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Conference Paper
Rehfuss, S., Wu L., & Moody J. (1996).  Trading with Committees: A Comparative Study. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Neural Networks in the Capital Markets.
Moody, J., Shapere A. D., & Wilczek F. (1989).  Adiabatic Effective Lagrangian.
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[Anonymous] (1992).  Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 4. (Moody, J., Hanson S.., & Lippmann R.., Ed.).
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[Anonymous] (1998).  Decision Technologies for Computational Finance, Proceedings of the London Conference. (Refenes, A.., Burgess N.., & Moody J., Ed.).
[Anonymous] (2001).  Developments in Forecast Combination and Portfolio Choice. (Dunis, C.., Timmermann A.., & Moody J., Ed.).
Suárez, A., Moody J., & Saffell M. (2009).  Dynamic Portfolio Management with Transaction Costs.
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