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Technical Report
Hastad, J.., Impagliazzo R., Levin L. A., & Luby M. (1991).  Construction of a Pseudo-Random Generator from Any One-Way Function.
Luby, M. (1995).  Derandomizing Approximation Algorithms for Hard Counting Problems.
Luby, M., & Velickovic B. (1993).  On Deterministic Approximation of DNF.
Byers, J. W., Luby M., Mitzenmacher M., & Rege A. (1998).  Digital Fountain Approach to Reliable Distribution of Bulk Data.
Byers, J. W., Luby M., Mitzenmacher M., & Rege A. (1998).  A Digital Fountain Approach to Reliable Distribution of Bulk Data.
Karp, R. M., Luby M., & der Heide F. Meyer auf (1993).  Efficient PRAM Simulation on a Distributed Memory Machine.
Luby, M., & Vigoda E. (1999).  Fast Convergence of the Glauber Dynamics for Sampling Independent Sets: Part I.
Luby, M. (1996).  A Geometric Proof of a Formula for the Number of Young Tableaux of a Given Shape.
Luby, M., Mitzenmacher M., M. Shokrollahi A., & Spielman D. A. (1997).  Improved Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Using Irregular Graphs and Belief Propagation.
Adler, M., Bartal Y., Byers J. W., Luby M., & Raz D. (1997).  A Modular Analysis of Network Transmission Protocols.
Karmarkar, N., Karp R. M., Lipton R. J., Lovász L., & Luby M. (1990).  A Monte-Carlo Algorithm for Estimating the Permanent.
Cleve, R., & Luby M. (1990).  A Note on Self-Testing/Correcting Methods for Trigonometric Functions.
Impagliazzo, R., & Luby M. (1989).  One-Way Functions Are Essential for Complexity Based Cryptography (Extended.
Luby, M., & Ertel W. (1993).  Optimal Parallelization of Las Vegas Algorithms.
Luby, M., Sinclair A., & Zuckerman D. (1993).  Optimal Speedup of Las Vegas Algorithms.
Luby, M., & Wigderson A. (1995).  Pairwise Independence and Derandomization.
Hambrusch, S. E., & Luby M. (1989).  Parallel Asynchronous Connected Components in a Mesh.
Beame, P., & Luby M. (1989).  Parallel Search for Maximal Independence Given Minimal Dependence.
Lamparter, B., Albanese A., Kalfane M., & Luby M. (1995).  Pet - Priority Encoded Transmission.
Albanese, A., Blömer J., Edmonds J., & Luby M. (1994).  Priority Encoding Transmission.
Impagliazzo, R., & Luby M. (1989).  Pseudo-Random Number Generator From ANY One-Way Function.
Herzberg, A., & Luby M. (1992).  Public Randomness in Cryptography.
Luby, M., Naor J., & Naor M. (1993).  On Removing Randomness from a Parallel Algorithm for Minimum Cuts.
Luby, M. (1989).  Removing Randomness in Parallel Computation Without a Processor Penalty.
Blum, M. E., Luby M., & Rubinfeld R. (1990).  Self-Testing/Correcting with Applications to Numerical Problems.