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Conference Paper
Halperin, E., Kimmel G., & Shamir R. (2005).  Tag SNP Selection in Genotype Data for Maximizing SNP Prediction Accuracy. Proceedings of the 13th Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB 2005). 195-203.
Chuzhoy, J., Guha S., Halperin E., Khanna S., Kortsarz G., & Naor S.. (2004).  Tight Lower Bounds for the Asymetric k-Center Problem. Proceedings of the 36th Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC04).
Journal Article
Pasaniuc, B., Zaitlen N., & Halperin E. (2011).  Accurate Estimation of Expression Levels of Homologous Genes in RNA-Seq Experiments. 18(3), 459-468.
Kimmel, G., Karp R. M., Jordan M.. A., & Halperin E. (2008).  Association Mapping and Significance Estimation via the Coalescent. Journal of Human Genetics. 83(6), 675-683.
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Bracci, P. M., Skibola C. F., Conde L., Halperin E., Lightfoot T., Smith A., et al. (2010).  Chemokine Polymorphisms and Lymphoma: A Pooled Analysis. Leukemia and Lymphoma. 51(3), 497-506.
Slager, S.. L., Skibola C. F., & Halperin E. (2012).  Common Variation at 6p21.31 (BAK1) Influences the Risk of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Blood. 120(4), 843-846.
Marchini, J., Cutler D., Patterson N., Stephens M., Eskin E., Halperin E., et al. (2006).  A Comparison of Phasing Algorithms for Trios and Unrelated Individuals. American Journal of Human Genetics. 78(3), 437-450.
Preuss, M., König I. R., Thompson J. R., Erdmann J., Absher D., Assimes T. L., et al. (2010).  Design of the Coronary Artery Disease Genome-Wide Replication and Meta-Analysis (CARDIoGRAM) Study--A Genome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis Involving More than 22,000 Cases and 60,000 Controls. Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics. 3, 475-483.
Lindfors, E., Gopalacharyulu P. V., Halperin E., & Orešič M. (2009).  Detection of Molecular Paths Associated with Insulitis and Type 1 Diabetes in Non-Obese Diabetic Mouse. PLoS ONE. 4(10), 
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Arkin, Y'ara., Rahmani E., Kleber M. E., Laaksonen R., März W., & Halperin E. (2014).  EPIQ—Efficient Detection of SNP–SNP Epistatic Interactions for Quantitative Traits. Bioinformatics. 30(12), i19-i25.
Sankararaman, S., Sridhar S., Kimmel G., & Halperin E. (2008).  Estimating Local Ancestry in Admixed Populations. The American Journal of Human Genetics. 82(2), 290-303.
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Pasaniuc, B., Avinery R.., Gur T., Skibola C. F., Bracci P. M., & Halperin E. (2010).  A Generic Coalescent-Based Framework for the Selection of a Reference Panel for Imputation. Genetic Epidemiology. 34(8), 773-782.
Skibola, C. F., Bracci P. M., Halperin E., Conde L., Craig D. W., Agana L., et al. (2009).  Genetic Variants at 6p21.33 Are Associated with Susceptibility to Follicular Lymphoma. Nature Genetics. 41(8), 873-875.
Conde, L., Halperin E., Akers N.. K., Brown K. M., Smedby K.. E., & Rothman N.. (2010).  Genome-Wide Association Study of Follicular Lymphoma Identifies a Risk Locus at 6p21.32. Nature Genetics. 42(8), 661-664.
Sankararaman, S., Obozinski G., Jordan M. I., & Halperin E. (2009).  Genomic Privacy and Limits of Individual Detection in a Pool. Nature Genetics. 41(9), 965-967.
Kovacs, A.., Ben-Jacob N.., Tayem H.., Halperin E., Iraqi F.. A., & Gophna U.. (2011).  Genotype Is a Stronger Determinant than Sex of the Mouse Gut Microbiota. Microbial Ecology. 61(2), 423-428.
He, D., Zaitlen N., Pasaniuc B., Eskin E., & Halperin E. (2011).  Genotyping Common and Rare Variation Using Overlapping Pool Sequencing. BMC Informatics. 12,
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Shem-Tov, D., & Halperin E. (2014).  Historical Pedigree Reconstruction from Extant Populations Using PArtitioning of RElatives (PREPARE). PLoS Computational Biology. 10(6),