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Journal Article
Baker, C. F., Fillmore C. J., & Cronin B. (2003).  The Structure of the Framenet Database.
Lönneker-Rodman, B., & Baker C. F. (2009).  The FrameNet Model and Its Applications. Natural Language Engineering. 15(3), 415-453.
Conference Paper
Baker, C. F., & Fellbaum C. (2009).  WordNet and FrameNet as Complementary Resources for Annotation. 125-129.
Ruppenhofer, J., Sporleder C., Morante R., Baker C. F., & Palmer M. (2010).  SemEval-2010 Task 10: Linking Events and Their Participants in Discourse. 45-50.
Ruppenhofer, J., Sporleder C., Morante R., Baker C. F., & Palmer M. (2009).  SemEval-2010 Task 10: Linking Events and their Participants in Discourse. 106-111.
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Narayanan, S., Petruck M. R. L., Baker C. F., & Fillmore C. J. (2003).  Putting FrameNet Data into the ISO Linguistic Annotation FrameWork. Proceedings of the ACL 2003 Workshop on Linguistic Annotation: Getting the Model Right.
Scheffczyk, J., Baker C. F., & Narayanan S. (2006).  Ontology-Based Reasoning about Lexical Resources. Proceedings of the Workshop on Interfacing Ontologies and Lexical Resources for Semantic Web Technologies (OntoLex 2006). 1-8.
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Torrent, T. Timponi, Ellsworth M., Baker C. F., & Matos E. Edison da (2018).  The Multilingual FrameNet Shared Annotation Task: a Preliminary Report.
Ide, N., Baker C. F., Fellbaum C., & Passonneau R. J. (2012).  The MASC/MultiMASC Community Collaboration Project: Why You Should Be Involved and How.
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Gilardi, L., & Baker C. F. (2018).  Learning to Align across Languages: Toward Multilingual FrameNet.
Hong, J., & Baker C. F. (2011).  How Good Is the Crowd at "Real" WSD?.
Ferrandez, O.., Ellsworth M., Muñoz R., & Baker C. F. (2010).  A Graph-Based Measure of FrameNet-WordNet Alignment. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Global Interoperability for Language Resources (ICGL 2010).
Lowe, J.. B., Baker C. F., & Fillmore C. J. (1997).  A frame-semantic approach to semantic annotation. Proceedings of the SIGLEX Workshop on Tagging Text with Lexical Semantics: Why, What, and How?.