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Conference Paper
Choi, J., Lei H., & Friedland G. (2011).  The 2011 ICSI Video Location Estimation System.
Mertens, R., Lei H., Gottlieb L., Friedland G., & Divakaran A. (2011).  Acoustic Super Models for Large Scale Video Event Detection.
Elizalde, B. Martinez, Lei H., Friedland G., & Peters N. (2013).  Capturing the Acoustic Scene Characteristics for Audio Scene Detection.
Lei, H., & Mirghafori N. (2008).  Comparisons of Recent Speaker Recognition Approaches Based on Word Conditioning.
Lei, H., & Mirghafori N. (2011).  Data Selection with Kurtosis and Nasality features for Speaker Recognition. 2753-2756.
Goga, O., Lei H., Parthasarathi S. Hari Krish, Friedland G., Sommer R., & Teixeira R. (2013).  Exploiting Innocuous Activity for Correlating Users Across Sites.
Choi, J., Lei H., Ekambaram V., Kelm P., Gottlieb L., Sikora T., et al. (2013).  Human Vs Machine: Establishing a Human Baseline for Multimodal Location Estimation.
Lei, H., & Lopez-Gonzalo E. (2009).  Importance of Nasality Measures for Speaker Recognition Data Selection and Performance Prediction. 888-891.
Chang, K., Lei H., & Canny J.. (2011).  Improved Classification of Speaking Styles for Mental Health Monitoring using Phoneme Dynamics. 85-88.
Elizalde, B. Martinez, Lei H., & Friedland G. (2013).  An I-Vector Representation of Acoustic Environments for Audio-Based Video Event Detection on User Generated Content. 114-117.
Peters, N., Lei H., & Choi J. (2012).  Matching Artificial Reverb Settings to Unknown Room Recordings: A Recommendation System for Reverb Plugins.
Lei, H., & Lopez-Gonzalo E. (2009).  Mel, Linear, and Antimel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients in Broad Phonetic Regions for Telephone Speaker Recognition. 2323-2326.
Lei, H., Choi J., & Friedland G. (2012).  Multimodal City-Verification on Flickr Videos Using Acoustic and Textual Features. 2273-2276.
Friedland, G., Choi J., Lei H., & Janin A. (2011).  Multimodal Location Estimation on Flickr Videos.
Peters, N., Lei H., & Friedland G. (2012).  Name That Room: Room Identification Using Acoustic Features in a Recording. 841-844.
Lei, H., Choi J., & Friedland G. (2013).  Nowhere to Hide: Exploring User-Verification Across Flickr Accounts.
Lei, H., Choi J., Janin A., & Friedland G. (2011).  Persona Linking: Matching Uploaders of Videos Across Accounts.
Lei, H., Meyer B. T., & Mirghafori N. (2012).  Spectro-Temporal Gabor Features for Speaker Recognition. 4241-4244.
Elizalde, B. Martinez, Friedland G., Lei H., & Divakaran A. (2012).  There is No Data Like Less Data: Percepts for Video Concept Detection on Consumer-Produced Media. 27-32.
Lei, H. (2009).  Towards Structured Approaches to Arbitrary Data Selection and Performance Prediction for Speaker Recognition.
Lei, H., Choi J., Janin A., & Friedland G. (2011).  User Verification: Matching the Uploaders of Videos Across Accounts. 2404-2407.
Lei, H., & Mirghafori N. (2007).  Word-Conditioned HMM Supervectors for Speaker Recognition. Proceedings of the 8th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (Interspeech 2007). 746-749.
Lei, H., & Mirghafori N. (2007).  Word-Conditioned Phone N-Grams for Speaker Recognition. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2007). 253-256.