Liquid Cloud Storage

TitleLiquid Cloud Storage
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLuby, M., Padovani R., Richardson T. J., Minder L., & Aggarwal P.
Published inACM Transactions on Storage
Date Published02/2019
Keywordsalgorithm design and analysis, data storage systems, data warehouses, distributed algorithms, distributed information systems, equipment failure, error compensation, error correction codes, failure analysis, fault tolerance, information entropy, information science, Information theory, network coding, redundancy, ReedSolomon codes, reliability, reliability engineering, reliability theory, Robustness, signal to noise ratio, throughput, time-varying channels

A liquid system provides durable object storage based on spreading redundantly generated data across a network of hundreds to thousands of potentially unreliable storage nodes. A liquid system uses a combination of a large code, lazy repair, and a flow storage organization. We show that a liquid system can be operated to enable flexible and essentially optimal combinations of storage durability, storage overhead, repair bandwidth usage, and access performance.

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