Nonparametric Representations for Integrated Inference, Control, and Sensing

TitleNonparametric Representations for Integrated Inference, Control, and Sensing
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsFisher, J., Darrell T., Galup L., How J., Krause A., & Soatto S.
Date Published10/2015
TypeFinal Report
Accession NumberADA627279
Keywordscomputer logic, data fusion, Information theory, models, recognition, three dimensional, tracking, video images

The objective of this research program was to develop mathematical foundations of information gathering through an integrated theory of sensing, inference, and control. The goal of the team was to develop a new framework for autonomous operations that will extend the state of the art in distributed learning and modeling from data, and tightly integrate these models into new decentralized cooperative planning algorithms. The main output of this effort will be a fundamental theory to integrate decentralized information driven planning methods for heterogenous teams with nonparametric Bayesian models of uncertainty. The feasibility and aspects of the value of the theory were demonstrated via integrated software and hardware experiments.

ICSI Research Group