Strong LOS MIMO for Short Range mmWave Communication - Towards 1 Tbps Wireless Data Bus

TitleStrong LOS MIMO for Short Range mmWave Communication - Towards 1 Tbps Wireless Data Bus
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSong, X., Landau L., Israel J., & Fettweis G.
Published in2015 IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Wireless Broadband (ICUWB)
Date Published10/2015
Keywordsanalog MIMO equalizer, antenna arrays, deterministic MIMO channel, energy efficiency, equalisers, interference suppression, MIMO, MIMO communication, modulation schemes, on-board antennas, Phase shift keying, received signals, Receiving antennas, short range mmWave communication, signal components, strong line-of-sight MIMO approach, transmit power, Transmitting antennas, Wireless communication, wireless data bus

In this paper, we propose a wireless data bus system design which relies on a strong Line-of- Sight MIMO approach. An analog MIMO equalizer, which equalizes the deterministic MIMO channel is involved. Instead of interference suppression, the analog MIMO equalizer aligns the phases of the received signals and enhances the desired signal while it suppresses the undesired ones simultaneously. Although the magnitudes of different signal components of the received signals are preferred to be unique, further studies are applied in our work to investigate the validation of our system design with non-unique magnitudes by using practical on-board antennas. It is shown that the proposed system works well with non-unique magnitudes where undesired remaining interference occurs with limited power in comparison with the desired ones. Furthermore, the proposed design shows a great potential for putting a 1 Tbps wireless data bus into practical systems with moderate transmit power and fairly simple modulation schemes which provide high energy efficiency.

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