Bounded Latency Spanning Tree Reconfiguration

TitleBounded Latency Spanning Tree Reconfiguration
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsFornasa, M., Stecca M., Maresca M., & Baglietto P.
Published inComputer Networks
Other Numbers3743

One of the main obstacles to the adoption of Ethernet technology incarrier-grade metropolitan and wide-area networks is the largerecovery latency, in case of failure, due to spanning treereconfiguration. In this paper we present a technique called BoundedLatency Spanning Tree Reconfiguration (BLSTR), which guarantees worstcase recovery latency in the case of single faults by adopting atime-bounded bridge port reconfiguration mechanism and by eliminatingthe bandwidth-consuming station discovery phase that followsreconfiguration. BLSTR does not replace the Rapid and MultipleSpanning Tree reconfiguration protocols, which remain in control ofnetwork reconfiguration, whereas it operates in parallel with them.


This work was partially funded by the Computer Platform Research Center (CIPI), a joint effort of the University Padua and the University of Genoa, through a research fellowship.

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Computer Networks, Vol. 76, pp. 259-274

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M. Fornasa, M. Stecca, M. Maresca, and P. Baglietto

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