Ontology Driven Contextual Reference Resolution in Embodied Construction Grammar

TitleOntology Driven Contextual Reference Resolution in Embodied Construction Grammar
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Year of Publication2013
AuthorsOliva, J., Feldman J., Giraldi L., & Dodge E.
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Constraint satisfaction has been central to the ICSI/UC Berkeley Neural Theory of Language (NTL) project, but this aspect has not previously been emphasized. The ECG Analysis program combines constraints from several aspects of the formalism: deep semantic schemas, embodied constructions and ontological knowledge. In this chapter we focus on some applications of deep semantic constraints that extend the Embodied Construction Grammar formalism (ECG) and Analyzer. The first example is a shallow reference resolution method that is based on the combination of the recency principle with syntactic and semantic compatibility between the anaphor and the referent. The method has been implemented and tested as part of a system capable of understanding Solitaire card-game instructions, with promising results. Similar deep ontology-driven constraint satisfaction techniques can be exploited to handle many cases of Noun-Noun compounds and metaphorical constructions. Implemented examples of these are also presented.


This work was partly funded by a JAE Predoctoral Fellowship from CSIC (Spain). Additional funding was provided by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). We are thankful to the International Computer Science Institute and the University of California at Berkeley and, in particular, the people on the Neural Theory of Language project. The reviewers provided many useful suggestions. This work was partially funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors or originators and do not necessarily reflect the views of ONR or of the U.S. Government.

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Constraint Solving and Language Processing, Revised Selected Papers, Lecture Notes in Computer Science No. 8114, D. Duchier and Y. Parmentier, eds., pp. 133-151, Springer, 2013

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J. Oliva, J. Feldman, L. Giraldi, and E. Dodge

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