A Fuzzy Based Load Sharing Mechanism for Distributed Systems

TitleA Fuzzy Based Load Sharing Mechanism for Distributed Systems
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsUnger, H., & Böhme T.
Other Numbers1144
KeywordsDistributed Systems, Fuzzy Logic, PVM, Workstation Cluster

This report presents a load sharing heuristic for distributed computing on workstation clusters. The approach is novel in that it combines the use of predicted resource requirements of processes (CPU-time, memory requirements, density of the I/O-stream) and a fuzzy logic controller which makes the placement decision. The heuristic is distributed, i.e. each node runs a copy of the prediction and load sharing code, and its implementation is based on PVM. Using a benchmark program (Choleski factorization) experiments were conducted to compare the proposed heuristic against standard PVM and an older version of the presented heuristic without the fuzzy logic controller.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-98-026

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H. Unger and T. Boehme

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Technical Report