An XOR-Based Erasure-Resilient Coding Scheme

TitleAn XOR-Based Erasure-Resilient Coding Scheme
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsBlömer, J., Kalfane M., Karpinski M., Karp R. M., Luby M., & Zuckerman D.
Other Numbers988

An (m,n,b,r)-erasure-resilient coding scheme consists of an encoding algorithm and a decoding algorithm with the following properties. The encoding algorithm produces a set of n packets each containing b bits from a message of m packets containing b bits. The decoding algorithm is able to recover the message from any set of r packets. Erasure-resilient codes have been used to protect real-time traffic sent through packet based networks against packet losses. In this paper we construct an erasure-resilient coding scheme that is based on a version of Reed-Solomon codes and which has the property that r = m. The encoding and decoding algorithms run in quadratic time and have been customized to give the first real-time implementations of Priority Encoding Transmission (PET) [2],[1] for medium quality video transmission on Sun SPARCstation 20 workstations.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-95-048

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J. Blömer, M. Kalfane, M. Karpinski, R. M. Karp, M. Luby, and D. Zuckerman

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Technical Report