Multi-Level Architecture of Object-Oriented Operating Systems

TitleMulti-Level Architecture of Object-Oriented Operating Systems
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsGraupner, S., Kalfa W., & Schubert F.
Other Numbers926

Applications should be provided with optimal infrastructures at their run time. The proposed architecture encourages to structure a system into sets of interacting instances supported by optimal infrastructures at multiple levels . Infrastructures are organized as sets of instances as well, but of more elementary quality. Thus, a recursive architecture results with related infrastructures and instance areas that forms an n-ary tree. Each instance area provides the infrastructure for higher instance areas and needs itself a lower level infrastructure. Processing is considered as performing services among instances.Object-orientation is proved to be suitable for structuring instance areas and infrastructures. Instances performing services are objects. A discussion of general principles of object-orientation gives the background to apply it to this architecture. Most existing object-oriented systems only consider one kind or "quality" of objects, which is however inadequate for operating systems. The paper discusses what essentially makes different "qualities of objects" at different levels and how activities are related to them.In the last section the design and the implementation of a lowest level infrastructure is presented which is taken from an operating system prototype that follows the proposed architecture and which is under development in our group.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-94-056

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S. Graupner, W. Kalfa, and F. Schubert

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Technical Report