A Software Reuse System for C Codes

TitleA Software Reuse System for C Codes
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1993
Authorsvan Huu, L.
Other Numbers855
Keywordshypertext, semantic phrases similarity, software reuse

This paper presents PRASSY, a hypertext system for the storage and retrieval of procedure source codes, on the basis of the semantics of their comments. The objective of the system is to provide the program developer with the possibility of retrieving and reusing the source code of C subroutines that have been previously built by his colleagues or that are already present in the system. The approach adopted by PRASSY is the analysis of the source code comments and of the specification documents written in natural language, in order to extract indexing information. Such information is organized in a hypertext structure and the browsing mechanism is used by the user to select reusable software components. The system provides a way for measuring the semantic similarity between the user requirements and the candidate node to be selected. The paper describes the system's architecture and functionalities. Some examples of the user interface and the browsing mechanisms are reported. Finally, it describes the algorithm proposed by Aragon-Ramirez and Paice and adopted by PRASSY for defining the semantic similarity among phrases expressed in natural language.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-93-067

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L. V. Huu

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Technical Report