On Some Stability Properties of the LRAAM Model

TitleOn Some Stability Properties of the LRAAM Model
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsSperduti, A.
Other Numbers819

In this report we discuss some mathematical properties of the LRAAM model. The LRAAM model is an extension of the RAAM model by Pollack. It allows one to obtain distributed reduced representations of labeled graphs. In particular, we give sufficient conditions on the asymptotical stability of the decoding process along a cycle of the encoded structure. Data encoded in an LRAAM can also be accessed by content by transforming the LRAAM in an analog Hopfield network with hidden units and asymmetric connection matrix (CA network.) Different access procedures can be defined according to the access key. Each access procedure corresponds to a particular constrained version of the CA network. We give sufficient conditions under which the property of asymptotical stability of a fixed point in one particular constrained version of the CA network can be extended to related fixed points of different constrained versions of the CA network. An example of encoding of a labeled graph on which the theoretical results are applied is given as well.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-93-031

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A. Sperduti

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Technical Report