Connectionist Layered Object-Oriented Network Simulator (CLONES): User's Manual

TitleConnectionist Layered Object-Oriented Network Simulator (CLONES): User's Manual
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsKohn, P.
Other Numbers703

CLONES is an object-oriented library for constructing, training and utilizing layered connectionist networks. The CLONES library contains all the object classes needed to write a simulator with a small amount of added source code (examples are included). The size of experimental ANN programs is greatly reduced by using an object- oriented library; at the same time these programs are easier to read, write and evolve. The library includes database, network behavior and training procedures that can be customized by the user. It is designed to run efficiently on data parallel computers (such as the RAP [6] and SPERT [1]) as well as uniprocessor workstations. While efficiency and portability to parallel computers are the primary goals, there are several secondary design goals:1. minimize the learning curve for using CLONES,2. minimize the additional code required for new experiments,3. allow heterogeneous algorithms and training procedures to be interconnected and trained together. Within these constraints we attempt to maximize the variety of artificial neural network algorithms that can be supported.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-91-073

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P. Kohn

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Technical Report