2013 ICSI Picnic

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

At the end of July, ICSI hosted its annual company picnic at Tilden Regional Park. The picnic is always a happy occasion and this year was no exception! Roughly 70 researchers, staff, and family members were able to attend for a bit of fun under the sun. The weather was beautiful as everyone took advantage of some time away from the office to enjoy food and refreshments. We asked Alexander Ziem, a DAAD funded visiting researcher of the AI group, if he would like to share his picnic experience with us, and this is what he had to say:

What a great event! On Friday, July 26, ICSI’s annual picnic took place at the Laurel picnic site in Tilden Park. Since I have recently started my research stay at ICSI/FrameNet, it was the first time that I attended this fun event – a really FUN event for everyone. Jonathan, my five-year old son, was busy the whole time, so there was not even time for him to enjoy all the amazingly good food. The chicken was delicious, not to mention the salmon! Together with several other kids, Jonathan started off with Frisbee and soccer. Even a goal was part of the equipment provided by ICSI. Finally the kids ended up playing “water games," which basically means: Load your water gun and chase Chris! Well, the kids–and some others–did a good job, but Chris defended himself well enough. So it ended in a tie. Meanwhile, my wife and I enjoyed the great variety of hot dogs, sausages, burgers, salads, chips, cakes, cookies, desserts… At least we tried to – such a huge choice for such a short time. After all it wasn’t only a good chance to meet and chat with many colleagues. It wasn’t only team building, nor was it only entertaining and fun. It was all of that – and much more. A lovely afternoon!


We’re glad that the company picnic was a success for everyone, and look forward to next year’s ICSI summer events!

Everyone is having a great time at the 2013 ICSI picnic

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